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Taking my son to the doctor


Took my son Johnny to the ENT doctor he needed to have his ears cleaned and checked. On our way he says “Mom are you sure this guy is an expert?” I said “Yes he specializes in just kids ears” John says “Well what if it is his first day” I say ” No he has been doing this for a long time, you have nothing to worry about”


A few minutes later John says “Well what if he called in sick and I get someone else and it is his first day” I say “That isn’t going to happen if he was sick they would have canceled ” John says “Good I just don’t want to get there and have it be some just guy with a drill”


Amazing what he is thinking!!!


I wonder where he gets his anxiety from? LOL 🙂



This is a great reminder that it is ok to take time for ourselves and to say “no” sometimes, it is good for us:) Thanks Toddler Interpreter!

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Mommy Stress isn’t a term you will hear until you become a stressed out Mommy yourself. Not enough credit is given to the workload of a Mommy, especially when there are small children involved. Quite often the contributor to a large proportion of Mommy Stress is the expectations that a Mother puts on herself; we are often our worst critic. It can almost feel like an impossible task to prepare meals, be the perfect Mother and partner, keep a clean house and meet all the social commitments on a daily basis. Contributing to the Mommy Stress is the feeling of lack of achievement. It doesn’t matter how well you changed diapers, kept up with the washing or entertained the little ones, there is the same amount of work to do the very next day, and still the same amount of Mommy Stress.

To combat Mommy Stress there are some…

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